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run your photography business with tapsnapp

Are you an experienced professional photographer? Are you an enthusiast who loves photography and connecting with people? Do you have amazing skills beyond your photography that you can share? Tapsnapp helps you combine your photography with experiences and connects you with customers that would love to share it with you. Just sign up and create your profile. Your photos get pulled automatically from your Instagram account, therefore your portfolio is always kept up to date with us.

Why should you run your photography business with Tapsnapp?

Setup your photography tours and experiences with tapsnapp

Setup and host your own photography experiences and tours.

We help you network with photography enthusiasts who are eager to share what you have to offer and learn from you. With Tapsnapp, we can help you setup your experiences/workshops and you can make additional income over and above your normal photoshoots. You are not bound to a class or studio. Take the travellers and enthusiasts on a journey and make photography an experience. If customers enjoy the places they visit, they appreciate the photography as well.

We market for you and get you bookings.

With Tapsnapp, we connect with customers automatically for you. The customers that match your location and specialty will find and book you through our secure payments platform. Only when the payment clears with us, you get notified of your bookings. No payment, no bookings.

Create experiences for travellers with your photography
Travel and do your photography business anywhere

You decide where and how you work.

Do you work in Johannesburg? Cape Town? What about Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein? Yes, that’s a real place in South Africa! If a customer needs a shoot there and you work there, we connect 75you automatically. There’s no need for unnecessary back and forth on the scheduling either. If you only work weekends and customers are looking for shoots in that time, they will find you. Easy right?

Only pay when you’re booked.

You can start using Tapsnapp with a FREE account so there’s no silly monthly payments to worry about. We only charge a small percentage fee for every booking you accept.

Use our secure payments platform to hire and pay for your shoots.
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Manage all your bookings in one place.

We know that your photography business keeps you busy and sometimes it can be overwhelming. With Tapsnapp, all your photoshoot bookings are managed from one place. You can keep track of where your shoots are, what needs to be delivered and when. We notify when your deadlines are looming so you won’t miss it.

Resolve Disputes Easily.

We know that sometimes photoshoots can go wrong. There could be a number of issues that could hamper your ability to deliver what you were asked for. With Tapsnapp we track what the customer requested (shoot location, shoot type, deliverables and timelines). If you and the customer agree to a shoot we know what was agreed and can provide 3rd party resolution to ensure no errors in communication. Photography is always subjective but rest assured if you deliver what was requested, we can confirm it with the customer if there’s a complaint.

Solve payments disputes easily for your photography bookings.

How are payments structured and how much do you get paid?



Yes, it is up to you to set your prices based on the packages and experiences you provide. Remember to check what the market rates are based on your expertise so you don’t underprice or overprice yourself.

We know customers can ask for a wide range of things therefore it is up to you to provide the proposal you deem fit.

Note: Ensure to set your schedules for your shoots when you’re available. Customers can request shoots anytime and if it doesn’t fit your schedule you can simply decline. As you know if you decline shoots a lot, the customers do notice.


Got some more questions? We’ve got the answers.

What is Tapsnapp?

Tapsnapp is a marketplace to help you market and sell your photography services to customers in South Africa.

Why should I use Tapsnapp?

We help you connect with customers across South Africa, and we match you according to the style of photos that you want to do, location of work, and when you are available. You get to choose exactly what you are willing to offer, and no longer have to haggle over deliverables. We manage payments to ensure that you are always paid the full cost of the shoot. And we will send out reminder notifications so you’re always up to speed on when the next shoot is. We help you focus on your photography, and take care of your admin.

How much does it cost me to use Tapsnapp?

You can sign up and use it for free. You are only charged a percentage fee for every booking you accept. The fee ranges from 6% to 15% depending on the urgency of the shoot. For example, a standard shoot with over 2 weeks notice will be charged at 6% of the booking fee and 15% if you’re booked within a 48 hour notice. However, even though the 15% booking fee is charged, you as the photographer will also earn more since you’re needed with such a short notice.

Who owns the photos?

All the photos shared or uploaded in Tapsnapp belongs to YOU, the photographer. You only have to negotiate this when customers hire you. As the customer, they get your final EDITED photos but you own and keep the RAW files. You can also decide to give your original images only if you want to. There are many nuances to a customer’s needs as well, so make sure to ask before agreeing to a job.

How are photographers ranked in the search results?

Photographer profiles are shown to customers based on the location of the shoot, style of shoot, and pricing. We give search result preference to photographers with higher customer ratings and Tapsnapp approved photographers. Otherwise, where matches are similar, profiles will be displayed in a random order.

Can I work in multiple locations?

Yes. You may set as many locations and radius of work.

Can I have multiple profiles if I work in different photography fields?

No. You can however list all of your photography specialities in one profile. We require that you upload a minimum of 5 photos for each of your specialities.

How does the payment process work?

Once you confirm a booking, the customer will pay the full fee for the shoot. We hold on to this money until the job has been completed and photos have been delivered. All payments are processed on a monthly basis (paid at the end of each month) with a 14 day lead time, ie. if you completed the job and delivered the photos before the 16th of the month, you will be paid at the end of the same month, but if the photos are delivered after the 16th, you will be paid at the end of the following month.

What if the costing or shoot is not to my liking?

If you receive a booking and you’re not satisfied with the work expectations, or amount being offered, simply decline the shoot. You decide if you want to do the shoot or not. Tapsnapp will automatically inform the customer and we will then offer alternatives.

What if I am unhappy with the customer and their conduct?

You can lodge a dispute with us within 7 days of the shoot and a dispute resolution will be mediated between you and the customer to resolve any issue. You can also add ratings to customer profiles which are viewable to other photographers.

Start changing the way you do photography.

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